Vikingard MOD APK (Unlimited Food/ EXP/ Gold)

MOD Features: Unlimited Food & Unlimited Exp. Infinite Gold Coins
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30 Sept 2022
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Vikingard MOD APK Features

  • Unlimited Food
  • Unlimited Exp
  • Infinite Gold Coins
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • Vikingard Mod APK file is easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root your Android device!


Enjoy playing the best RPG mobile game with Vikingard MOD APK. Get Unlimited Food, Unlimited EXP, and Unlimited Gold resources.

Unlimited Food & Unlimited Exp

The game offers multiple rewards for its players. Exp and food are the two most general rewards that have been offered after you have successfully completed a mission. The player can use the food to increase a character’s skills and abilities. They can also unlock new characters with the food (game currency).

You can increase your food by engaging in battles and going on quests. You can also acquire food by farming them in your tribe or clan. For completing a fight with the boss, you will receive gold coins that will help you unlock new characters and skills.

Download the latest released Vikingard mod apk from our website for Unlimited Food and Unlimited Exp resources on your game account.

About the Game

Vikingard is one of the advanced Role-play strategic simulation games. NetEase, the famous mobile and pc game developer, has pushed the limits of mobile play gaming in this game.

Vikingard is the latest RPG game that accurately mimics real-life activities in its gameplay. You can become the leader of your desired tribe. After that, spend time building your tribe from the ground to the top.

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The game is so realistic not only in the graphics but also in the story and gameplay. You can inherit other players’ land by waging war. There are five main characters which you can choose from. Each of the characters can be taught new skills and increased combat power as they climb up the level.

You can claim lands, farm, and even donate your food to your neighboring tribes. If you have an unsettling vengeance, you can invade them and burn their village to ashes.

Their dynamic and free gameplay is not a substitute for a good storyline. The game has a compelling storyline which is the center and beauty of this game. Vikingard is a full Viking-style powered gameplay with realistic graphics.

Players Reviews
  • Very good mod without having to spend money I got full resources. The graphics are good and the gameplay is easy to understand. You even get to have multiple romantic encounters with heirs being produce. I really like it and find myself looking forward to playing it and chatting with others.
  • Loving this game so far. Reminds me of Game of Sultans (which I love and played for a few years) but better. Better graphics, better interface, better everything. It’s a beautiful app.
  • Best thing ever about this game is not that its graphics are great, game is fun, loads of things to do, awesome mini games, but the fact that there are NO ads at all.

Game Features

Vikingard MOD APK features high-end animation graphics with a believable background. The animation of the characters, including walking, running, punching, fighting, etc is very realistic and Viking-like. Not only the animation but the storyline and gameplay are also a marvel.

Each of your actions has a consequence on the whole game. Yes, you have read it right. This is a multiplier game with vast virtual space. But each of your actions has a consequence that can be either positive or negative to your game character.


The gameplay and storyline of Vikingard are quite unique. You will be dropped off on the Scandinavian Peninsula near an abandoned tribe. You have to get into the tribe to prove your worth and soon will become their leader. You have five main characters with unique roles and abilities from which you can choose.

Once you have become the tribe’s leader, the whole tribe will follow you. It is completely you wish what you are going to do with them. You can wage war on your neighboring clan or become a peaceful farmer. You can also go on dates and get married in the game with other players.

Vikingard Mod Apk opens a new future to mobile gaming. You can discover far lands with your tribe. Explore new lands and adventures. Find new players and keep alliances or engage in a battle. Travel from Scandinavia to Great Britain with your tribe.


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