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Aug 10, 2022
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Making money online is now easier with the use of social streaming apps on mobile devices. There are many such platforms but one of the most outstanding and popular platforms that is the choice of many content creators is the Tango live app. 

This app allows talented users to meet new friends, live stream, chat and explore their creativity in music, song, dance, and many more. In this article, you will learn about the tango Live mod apk, features, benefits, and other important information. Keep reading!

What is Tango Live mod apk?

Social media platforms attract millions of users daily all over the world. Tango Live, developed by Tango INC is one of the most popular and it allows users to showcase their creativity in singing, dancing, gaming, and other talents they would like to show. 

Content creators can also interact with other members of the community. These contents can also be monetized and creators earn money in the process.

While you don’t have to pay money for downloading or using the app, there are some in-app features that you will pay for. Also, the community has an official currency that is known as the Tango coin.

This coin is what you will use to support and have monthly access to your favorite content creators’ channel, become a streamer, and unlock some services on the app, among others. You can buy coins for as low as $10.

A periodic payment for these coins is not affordable for some people. This is why some third-party developers came up with the Tango live mod apk. This mod apk has similar features to the original Tango live app. One thing that differentiates the Tango live app from the mod apk is that you will have access to unlimited coins.

The tango Live community has over 4 hundred million users from different countries. As a member of the community, you can meet other talented creators and show your talent anytime you wish. Just like other social media platforms, the Tango live app allows users to access a lot of entertaining and unique content. Most of this entertaining content is not available on other platforms.

Moreover, you don’t necessarily have to be a content creator on the app. There are millions of people in the community who only stream content, play games, chat with their favorite creators in the live room, and have a lot more unexpected experiences that are not available on other platforms.

Unlike some streaming platforms, the tango Live app allows users to collaborate with their friends and other users on the app with the dual broadcast feature. Once you download the app and you set up your profile, you can start enjoying the features of the app for free.

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Features of the Tango Live mod apk

Below are some of the Tango mod apk features apart from the features available on the tango Live app.

Access to premium features

Unlike the original app where you have to pay before you access some features and channels on the app, you have unlimited access to everything when you download and use the tango Live mod apk.

Unlimited Coins

You need the tango Live currency to access some features on the app. When you use the Tango Live mod apk, your coins become unlimited.

No disturbing ads  

With the Tango live mod apk app, you don’t have to experience disturbing ads when you are streaming any content or interacting with your friends, which is usually the experience of those that use the original app.

What you can look forward to when you join tango Live app

Instead of being bored and tired of other social media platforms, why can’t you download the Tango Live mod apk app? Below are a few things that will interest you about the app.

You can be a creator

The tango app is a platform for users to showcase and monetize their creativity. There are many video creation features and editing tools on the app. All the features are free on the tango Live mod apk and you can use them to create amazing content with ease. For instance, you can add filters to live stream videos.

Meet people all over the world

It will be boring for you if there are no real people that you can interact with. On the Tango Live mod apk app, you can invite your friends to join the app, you can meet new people from different parts of the world when you create entertaining content and also chat with your friends.

The app can also suggest friends to you and you can collaborate with other users on the app to create interesting content.

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Get entertained

Apart from creating content on the app, you can also get entertained when you watch other content from other creators, whether live streaming or already ended live videos any time of the day.

Through the search icon, you can easily locate any content creators and also ask questions in the comment section when you have doubts.

Earn Money

You can earn money from your creativity on the Tango live mod apk app through the earning feature. Once you upload any content on the app and it becomes popular among other members of the community, you can be assured that you will receive money.

You cannot be cheated of your earnings on the app because what you will earn depends on the performance of your content. Your earnings are calculated every second and you can see them from the app account details by clicking the coin icon.

Users Reviews
  • I’m multi talented .i play all aroud instruments like leas guitar electric guitar, piano , keyboard ,church organ, drumz , bass guitar. and i sing a song of my favorite song. i played live music full band , i play all kinds all kinds of music. variety music. like blues , jazz, fussion. ballroom dancing like cha cha tango, boogie, medley. lovesong. slowrock. metal. underground song. oldiest but goodiest song. ang many instrumental classical. like beethoven. korzakov. flight of the bumblebee.
  • This application is very wonderful and interesting and all the times people are in it, but if the ban on public broadcasting is canceled or there are more facilities for people to take their rest without worry

How to download and install the tango Live mod apk

You can enjoy all the features of the tango Live app while you still avoid premium subscriptions and buying coins when you download the tango Live mod apk. Below are simple steps you can follow.

Uninstall the original app

If you have the original tango Live app from the Google play store, you have to uninstall it before you download the Tango Live mod apk file from any of the third-party sources.

Search and download

The next step is to download the Tango Live mod apk from the download button below.

Install and open

At times, your phone will require that you grant access to install apps from unknown sources, depending on the settings. You have to search for the app and then download it. After successful installation, you can then open it and begin to enjoy unlimited entertainment.


How do I go live on Tango?

To go live on Tango, start by opening the app and tapping on the “Live” tab at the bottom of the screen. Then, tap on the “Start Live Stream” button and grant Tango permission to access your camera and microphone. Once you’re set up, start chatting with your friends and followers! You can also use the “Live” tab to discover new live streams to watch. Happy viewing!

How does Tango Live work?

Tango live is a video streaming service that allows users to watch and interact with live content. The service is available on mobile devices and can be accessed through the Tango app. Tango live offers a variety of content, including live music performances, sports games, and news programs. Users can also create their own live streams and share them with others.

How do I join tango Live?

To join Tango live, simply download the app and create an account. Once you have done so, you will be able to search for and add friends, join groups, and participate in live broadcasts. You can also explore the app’s many features, such as its augmented reality filters and games.


If you have what it takes to create valuable content, you should download the tango Live mod apk and make money from your content. 

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