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MOD Features: NO ADS
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18 Aug 2022
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5.1 and up
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Solar Smash MOD APK Features

  • No Ads
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • Solar Smash Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root your Android device!


Our universe is a giant mystery, and there are tons of people who would love to see our universe in action. If you’re one of them, Solar Smash Mod APK will transform your wish into a reality.

Yes, Solar Smash Mod APK would allow you to witness our universe from a different and immersive perspective, wrapped in rich, timeless graphics. The users have the power to destroy the planets using different weapons and hit the planets from various angles to destroy them.

As the players get more engrossed in the game and progress, they would find new ways to destroy the planets. There are planets of different sizes and traits, and some are blown up easily while others may need more time and tricks.


The weapons used in Solar Smash Mod APK are nothing short of what you’re used to seeing in Sci-Fi movies. There are many different types of weapons that users can use, including missiles, lasers, and more advanced meteoric guns. The users can use powers and weapons of various kinds to destroy the weapons. It is a simulation game where the players will have a realistic experience of destroying the planets.

If you want to try an action game, try Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK.


The user interface of the game is interesting and pretty straightforward. The weapons are displayed on the right side, and you can even change the angles and direction of the weapons on the right side of the screen. If you choose, you can also choose to use a joystick that can be used to rotate the camera. Using the joystick and the camera angle, it becomes easier to choose the position where the weapon is fired.

The trick to destroy the planet is to use various weapons and elements simultaneously, making it easier to destroy the planet quickly. For some weapons, there’s no limit to how much ammunition you can use. It adds fun and excitement to the game.

You need to make sure your attack on the planets is integrated using various weapons, ammo, missiles, and in various angles and directions. Once you attack the planet, wait for its effect on the planet and change the attack strategy as required. In some cases, there are even extraterrestrial entities that would help you destroy the planets. These extraterrestrial entities include octopuses, worms, and even creatures like a human.

Players Reviews
  • I absolutely adore this game, it is now my favorite mobile game by far. The graphics are stunning and run smoothly with little to no lag. Also, the achievements and secret planets make Solar Smash 3D a unique and enjoyable experience that I will definitely be sticking around for in order to see all future updates.
  • Planet-destroying games are strangely satisfying. The graphics, gameplay, different planets and weapons to use makeup an amazing game that helps relieve stress while taking pent-up anger out—10/10 would recommend.


One of the best parts about downloading and installing Solar Smash Mod APK is that you won’t be interfered with by in-game ads. When there are ads popping up without warning every now and then while you’re engrossed in the game, it becomes difficult to concentrate on the gameplay.

With Solar Smash Mod APK, there won’t be a single ad popping up. It ensures that you continue to play without any disturbances or annoying pop-up ads. In the original version of the game from the play store, you would be flooded with ads. It kills the flow of the game, eventually killing your interest in the game.

Solar Smash Mod APK is a safe and secure universe-simulation game with rich graphics and unique gameplay that takes you on a journey you’ve never experienced before. You can be sure of an exciting and fun adventure that’s sure to take your breath away, especially as there are no annoying ads in Solar Smash Mod APK. Download and enjoy it today!


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