SimCity BuildIt MOD APK (Unlimited Simcash/Simoleons)

MOD Features: Unlimited Simcash & Simoleons. Unlimited Platinum Keys, Unlimited Golden Keys & Unlimited NeoSimoleons
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Sep 5, 2022
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SimCity BuildIt MOD APK Features

  • Unlimited Simcash
  • Unlimited Simoleons
  • Unlimited Platinum Keys
  • Unlimited Golden Keys
  • Unlimited NeoSimoleons
  • 100% Safe (Anti-ban system)
  • SimCity BuildIt Mod APK file working on all Android versions
  • Easy to use
  • No need to root your Android device!


Build your own ideal dream city with our latest SimCity BuildIt MOD APK (Unlimited Simcash) developed for the game.

With this mod, you will get Unlimited Simcash and Simoleons resources on your game account. Also, get Unlimited Keys, Unlimited Platinum Keys, Unlimited Golden Keys, and Unlimited NeoSimoleons.

SimCity BuildIt Mod Apk

SimCity BuildIt MOD Apk File Information:

App Name SimCity BuildIt Mod Apk
Platform Android
MOD Features Unlimited Simcash & Simoleons. Unlimited Platinum Keys, Unlimited Golden Keys & Unlimited NeoSimoleons
Size 148
Category Simulation
Root Required? No
Price Free

About the game

A great welcome to your own city, a city of your own, rebuilt the way you want it, create and design a busting, beautiful metropolis. Every decision you take makes your city more intricate and larger.

Opt for a smart choice towards making your horizon growing and citizens happy

Start joining clubs, compete, chat, and trade with fellow mayors. Pave your path to the most extraordinary with the finest city builder on mobile!

Prop life to your city with SimCity BuildIt

Build factories, landmarks, parks, skyscrapers, and many more! Strategize to place your buildings for encouraging growing cities and flowing taxes. Indulge in fun challenges for shaping your society. You should also try our new Design Home MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Diamonds, Keys).

Use your intuitive imagination skills on the map

Be it a luxury beachfront, waterpark, or marina, the beach has a lot to provide and expand all along with it. Had dreams of visiting Tokyo? Build your neighborhood in the footstep of Tokyo style and unlock unique landmarks like the statue of liberty and the Eiffel Tower.

There’s always waiting for something new to be explored which can make your city unique. Get Unlimited Simcash with SimCity BuildItMOD APK to help you out.

SimCity BuildIt Mod Apk 2

Find your path to victory

With Club Wars, participate in real-time PvP, where one will strategize with members of the Mayor’s club and announce war on different other cities. In the contest of Mayors, include other players as well. Get a chance to get elected as a top mayor and bag rewards capable of beautifying and upgrading their city.

Team up and connect

Connect with a mayors club for trading supplies with other people and discuss available resources and strategies.

Work together, build big, aim big, lead other Mayors, and witness your city coming to life! Download SimCity BuildIt Mod Apk for Unlimited Simoleons.

Players Reviews
  • Great experience! except for the war stuff, some of us do not like it. I like the game for the building experience, resolving urban problems and design. It is a way to get rid of stress. War and destruction, just add to the stress. Perhaps, you should think of offering different versions or options within the game.
  • Get it. It is amazing for quick daily plays and is a perfect piece of management sim. The possible recipes get more complex as you go on and the complexity gets bigger over time, amazing difficulty curve for overtime complexity. You could spend years with quick bursts of daily play and still have fun. Possibly due to the houses and disasters requiring types and numbers of materials you’ll have specifically getting underway. Just an incredible game.

What do you need?

SimCity BuildIt, this great app requires a consistent internet connection (where network fees may involve). In addition to this, requires the approval of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. The game contains an advertisement for its partners and EA. Also, it includes in-gaming advertising. It collects data from third-party ad runners aided by analytics technology (for more details. Check out Privacy & Cookie Policy)

Via optional Club Chat, players can connect with each other. Simcity BuildIt the game contains direct loops to social networking sites and the internet for a minimum audience of 13.

The app makes use of Google Play Game services; it is advised before installation to log out of Google Play Game Services, to prohibit sharing of your gameplay style with your friends. Get Unlimited Platinum and Golden Keys with SimCity BuildIt mod APK.

EA may absorb online features post 30 days of installation; follow, and look out for notice posted over there.

As soon as you install this game, you consent to the installation of the latest game updates or any upgrades delivered through your platform. Through device settings, one can switch off automatic updates. Without updating their app one may face reduced functionality.

This game encourages people to grow the population by erecting buildings and sim services. In time one will require to provide further support for service; expanding the map, upgrading roads, etc.

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SimCity BuildIt Mod Apk 3

Latest updates

SimCity is all yours, have a good time!

Season III of Mayor’s pass celebrates the holidays full of winter downtown atmosphere.

In addition, unleash your imaginations and craft festive items in the Santa’s Shop for your citizens. Also, during the holidays, unlock joyful new buildings. Enjoy playing with our latest SimCity BuildIt mod APK.

Put together for PVP Battle

Firstly form a club, trade and chat with club members, strategize your plan and declare war.

Battle in Real-time

For your club earn points, target enemy cities, and launch disasters.

Awesome rewards are on your way

Earn Sim Cash, disaster cards, and other valuables to raise your city or for upcoming battles.

Battles and arenas Boosters

Pair up and wage war in unfamiliar arenas. With battle, boosters augment your strategy.

SimCity BuildIt Mod Apk 4

Explore three latest Regional Maps

Cactus Canyon

Have you ever built a desert city? Let’s finish this with little help from a unique palette of vibrant colors and an open horizon. Using unique resources develop your brand new cities like Motor Oil, Crude Oil, Car Tires, and Engine. Cactus Canyon provides a huge perspective for your upcoming city. Gas stations: unique service building, to look after your city’s service needs.

Green Valley

Longing for building an ecological paradise? Green Valley consists of 2 areas which include 2 beaches and an island. Natures are entwined within the fabric of this green city’s structure. Unique resources in SimCity BuildIt like Yoga Mat, Ecological Shoes, Recycled Fabric, Cotton Bags along with Organic Food. A unique service building can make your paradise an ideal one.

Limestone Cliffs

A cultural escape is all you need to get lost, surrounded by hills and mountains. Develop your brand new city using distinctive resources like Silk Robe, Silk, Fan, String, etc. Street Food: Unique service building takes responsibility to look after your city’s service needs.

In SimCity BuildIt mod apk you can build your own splendid bustling city for your citizens to thrive, play today!

Watch out new arena trailer and get ready to team up, rule the arena, and win the battle. Get SimCity BuildIt mod APK now!


What's new

This autumn, SimCity BuildIt travels to New York City with the new Mayor's Pass Season. Create your unique Big Apple with Broadway, Times Square, West Village, and more. Continue building with huge iconic bridges like the Brooklyn Bridge, available in limited-time events. In addition, we have added a new task type to the Contest of Mayors: Milestone Assignments! Happy building!

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