Watch streams of more than 40 OTT channels, including Disney, Zee 5, Sony Live, VOOT, etc. for free
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u like watching on this application.


The app is lightweight and has a very simple but effective structure which allows it to be compatible with any kind of android device. Aso, Pikashow Apk is a unique application that doesn’t slow down your mobile device while using it to watch streams or download movies, shows, or series.

Zero Cost

Pikshow Apk is a completely free android application that solely focuses on the quality of experience it can provide to its users. So, they don’t have annoying ads like other video streaming applications. This ensures that the users get the best experience in this application than other streaming applications.

Wide Range Of Channels

You can view all kinds of channels from all the countries in the world. Pikashow has a huge collection of channels from famous channels all over the world. You can view all the national and international broadcasts in this app.

Streaming Quality

There is no other streaming application that parallels the performance of Pikashow Apk. It has the fastest and smoothest video streaming quality with no disturbance to the video. Connecting to a wifi network will significantly enhance the streaming quality. However, you can use cellular data to stream too.

Users Reviews
  • Pikashow has completely changed the way I watch TV. I love the convenience and flexibility it offers.
  • I used to spend hours flipping through channels trying to find something good to watch. With pikashow, I can easily find what I’m in the mood for and never miss a show.
  • Pikashow is the best way to stay up-to-date on all my favorite shows. I can watch them whenever and wherever I want.

Channel Categories

As we have discussed before, Pikashow has a huge variety of channels ranging from local and national channels to top international channels. There are tons of movies, web and TV series, documentaries, live channels, etc. With Pikashow Apk and its huge collection of channels, you will never feel bored again. 

User Interface

Pikashow Apk has one of the most intriguing interfaces of all mobile device applications. The contents are well-displayed to its users, making the application more engaging and resulting in huge traffic. Also, it is easy to use and can be accessed by anyone due to its user-friendliness.

Downloading Feature

Unlike other streaming platforms, you can download anything that has been streamed in this application. Also, you can view the downloaded content with the in-built media manager.

The download speed of the app is restricted to the speed of your connectivity. This means it can download content much faster if your internet is faster.

40+ OTT Platforms

Pikashow Apk has more than 40 OTT streaming platforms. The platforms include Netflix, Sony Live, Zee 5, Disney, Zoot, HBO, etc. All the platforms are the most rated and high-demand OTT platforms. You get to watch all these premium channels for absolutely zero cost.

Piksahow Apk is the one-stop shop for all the movies, series, documentaries, and shows that you want to watch. You can say goodbye to all the expensive OTT platforms and download Pikahow Apk to watch every stream on the planet without any subscription.

You can also air or mirror your screen on your smart TV to watch it on a much bigger screen.

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