Ocean Merge MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/ Diamonds)


MOD Features: Unlimited Bronze Coins, Unlimited Diamonds & Unlimited Jellyfish Eggs
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The best way for kids to let their imagination run loose is with our Ocean Merge MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/ Diamonds). Download the mod file from our website in order to get Unlimtied Bronze Coins, Unlimited Diamonds, and Unlimited Jellyfish Eggs on your game account.

Ocean Merge Mod Apk File Information:

Ocean Merge download apk

App Name Ocean Merge Mod Apk
Platform Android
MOD Features Unlimited Bronze Coins, Unlimited Diamonds & Unlimited Jellyfish Eggs
Size 110M
Version 1.42
Category Puzzle
Root Required? No
Price Free

Ocean Merge Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Bronze Coins
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Jellyfish Eggs
  • Easy to install and to use
  • Free to download
  • Ocean Merge Mod APK working on all Android versions
  • Anti-ban system
  • No need to root your device

About the game

Ocean merge is a game where you can discover the magic that lives underwater. You will merge sea creatures and protect the aquatic capital. You will dive into the depths of the ocean and create beautiful objects. You have to merge items and watch your underwater kingdom grow!

This game is developed by Sheepyard and is suitable for people of all age groups. You will be the ruler of this ocean kingdom and the savior of the magical creatures living in the deep! There will be in-app purchases.


Once upon a time, tritons and mermaids used to leave in harmony in the ocean kingdom. The kingdom is starting to collapse and you are its only hope! Only you can revive the ocean kingdom and save its creatures.

ocean merge unlimited coins

In ocean merge, you have to clear the toxicity and the pollution in the kingdom by using healing orbs. You will fight off the monsters who are the cause of the increasing pollution. You will help the peace-loving creatures of ocean land by restoring their kingdom and preventing its collapse. You will do so by merging all kinds of things and creating amazing things.

As you earn rewards, you will unlock new creatures and grow your capital. You can design the kingdom and customize the environment to make your capital look beautiful. It is also possible to download The Sun: Origin APK for free.

Game features

Ocean merge is a game filled with fantasy creatures and objects. You have to merge objects, solve puzzles, take part in events, and grow your capital. This will be a fun and creative journey and the countless features will only increase the beauty of this game!

  • You can merge everything into amazing creations! You can merge plants, buildings, chests, animals, sea creatures, statues, and even mermaids!
  • The ocean world will always keep evolving. The eggs will evolve into grown-up beings and so on.
  • You will be the ruler of the ocean kingdom. You can awaken more mermaids and tritons by collecting and merging the rewards.
  • Collect magic treasure chests and open them with magic keys to collect your reward.
  • In ocean merge, you can merge magic creatures like special healing orbs, seahorses, underwater plants, and eggs. The more you merge creatures and rewards, the more capital you will discover.
  • Heal the underwater kingdom and unlock new levels.
  • Match three items to awaken a magical creature that will help you to heal the toxic land. Solve puzzles and complete challenges to win awards.
  • You can decorate your kingdom with seashells, flowers, and many objects.
  • Participate in special adventures and seasonal events to unlock new magical creatures who can become inhabitants in your ocean kingdom.

Ocean merge is a 100% free game. It is available for pre-registering on the play store and app store. You can win a dolphin who loves to be around friendly mermaids if you pre-register now. You can also invite your friends to play! You can decorate your kingdom with many beautiful adornments. Once you unlock magic objects, you can use them to make the capital more beautiful and colorful.

You can design and customize your capital. Let your imagination run wild and create a beautiful kingdom full of mermaids and other magical creatures!

Ocean Merge mod apk


Is there a MOD for Ocean Merge game?

Yes, you can download our Ocean Merge Mod Apk from our website. Just click on the download button, install it on your devices, and enjoy it to the maximum potential.

How can I get Free Coins and Free Diamonds in Ocean Merge?

Not only that you can obtain free resources such as Coins, Diamonds, and Jellyfish Eggs but you can get up to Unlimited Bronze Coins, Unlimited Diamonds, and Unlimited Jellyfish Eggs on your game account by downloading the latest version of Ocean Merge Mod APK from our website.

Is it 100% free and safe?

Ocean Merge MOD APK is totally safe and you don’t have to root your device.

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