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Monster Hunter: World is one of the games in the Monster Hunter series.

Upon release, it was a huge hit among gaming fans. What are the elements of the game that made it so popular? How is it different from any other action video game? Let us see in the following sections, the details, and features of Monster Hunter: World Apk for Android.

Monster Hunter: World Android Game

Monster Hunter: World APK Features:

  • Free to download
  • It has all the original game features
  • Easy to install
  • Monster Hunter: World APK file working on all Android versions
  • Easy controls
  • High-Quality Graphics
  • No need to root your device!

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Monster Hunter: World is a role-playing game. You are represented by a character, which you can create and name. There is a research commission that studies a land called ‘New World’ which is an unpopulated land. It is full of monsters. The research commission is stationed in Astera which is its central command base.

Your character joins the research commission. It has the responsibility of protecting the commission from the monsters. The powers of the character are determined by the equipment they possess. For this, the player has to pick a weapon and match it with the right kind of armor. You can gather equipment by roaming the field, completing the quests (in which case you get rewards), or by looting the monsters that you have slain.
Monster Hunter: World Android
The New World map consists of six regions each of which has numerous zones. Throughout the quest, the player has to take care of their health and stamina. Actions such as attacking, and dodging will drain the player’s stamina. If your health falls to nil, you will faint, and you are taken back to base camp.

Usually, you are allowed to faint for a maximum of 3 times. On the fourth time, your quest will be considered a fail. To keep up your health and stamina levels, you can carry restorative items.

Game features

This version of the game has many improvements from the previous version. Until the last version, the player had to pause to take restorative items. But now, the player can take them on the go. This version also has a new feature called cloak items.  These items help you combat better. There are various kinds of cloak items, each with its own benefits.

Some popular cloak items are discussed below:
• The challenger mantle – The monsters are prompted to target the hunter more often than they normally would. This makes it easier to lure them. The effect, however, disappears after being attacked.
• The Rocksteady mantle – Protects the hunters so that they receive less damage.
• The Ghillie Mantle – Using this item, a hunter can temporarily conceal himself from the enemy’s view. If you attack or undergo damage, the effect disappears


The setting of the game has variety. There are different regions with different climates. The settings complement the description of the various regions. You have a total of 14 weapons! The player is spoilt for choice. Overall, the setting, the gameplay, and the interesting new features make the game a popular RPG.
Monster Hunter: World Android Apk


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