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22 Aug 2022
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Undoubtedly, the Instagram app has influenced every aspect of our lives, including shopping, entertainment, interacting, and even learning and working.

With time, using the Instagram app becomes a favorite pastime and you do not consider how much time you spend on them because it has made a lot of things convenient for you. 

The benefits people get from using mobile apps like Instagram make them embrace a version of that app that comes with more features. You are able to create amazing Instagram posts and stories that will get you more followers and unlimited likes. This is why mod apps have become popular in recent times.

This article discusses Instagram mod APK. Here, You will learn everything there is to know about the modified versions of this app. What you get from this article includes:

  • What is Instagram mod APK
  • Features of the Instagram Mod APK
  • Instagram mod APK safety
  • How to install the Instagram Mod APK

What is Instagram mod APK?

The Instagram mod APK is the modified version of the original Instagram APK. There are many modified versions of the application and they offer interesting features to users. 

With these versions,  users enjoy access to features that glue them to the apps. This modded version of the Instagram app lets you download videos, photos, and stories that the original version wouldn’t allow you to download.

It offers other amazing features that make it a better choice than the original app for many people.

Users Reviews
  • Thanks for this unlimited followers mod. It works like a charm. I get 1k followers/day, and they are real one. Hope it will keep working.
  • While I love the filters and customization, I find there are inconsistencies b/w the online version and the app such as not being able to save drafts or share to FB from the web app. Also,. I dunno whether it’s my phone or not, but the app has become a bit buggy recently.. crashing unexpectedly.. also,. I would recommend making the app a bit more easy to use like, allowing more flexible crop options and stuff.. I’m sure with a few software upgrades this can be fixed.. other than that,.works gr8!
  • Instagram provides an amazing and unmatched social media experience. There are so many options to post also like how well it integrates with Facebook so that you can update both feeds with your latest pics, vidoes, quotes, or whatever your heart desires. The other thing I love is that the app doesnt show ads.

Features of Instagram Mod APK

The Instagram Mod APK has some interesting features that make it a better choice compared to the original Instagram APK and even other modded versions of the app. With this app, you can create exceptional feed posts, stories, and reels unlimited.

Here are some interesting features of the APK:

Unlimited downloads

When using the original Instagram app, there are some videos, images, IGTV videos, and stories that you want to download but are unable to. This app helps take away that frustration by giving you unlimited access to download any story, video, IGTV video, or image you wish to download.

Add-free stories and tapes

Ads popping up when you are having fun viewing stories and tapes can be annoying. With removed ads from tapes and stories, you do not have to deal with those intruding ads anymore.

Copy and translate comment

One innovative feature of this app is that it lets you copy comments from any post and translate them. This removes the language barrier that prevents you from fully engaging with some posts.

Unlimited likes

This Instagram Mod APK allows you to get unlimited likes for your posts. This amazing app lets you create different types of content that will give you unlimited likes. 

This app lets you interact with people you follow and those you do not. You can create stories and reels that will make your profile more visible and earn you unlimited likes and followers.

Get unlimited followers

One thing this app promise is that users will get unlimited followers organically. It allows you to create unique content, interact with different users, and improve your followership. 

Copy any bio

You must have seen some users’ bio and you want to copy them but you are unable to. With this Mod APK, you can copy the bio of any profile with a simple click.

Manipulate your videos

This Mod APK has amazing features that let you manipulate any video and be creative with your video creation. You can disable autoplay for any video,  put any video on rewind as well as automatically add sound to videos as you create them.

Unlimited access to stories

Some stories have been restricted from reposting. This means you can only view them but cannot repost them. But with this app, you have unlimited access to repost stories of your choice. Even if they are restricted, you can still repost them.

Zoom in to photos

You must have wished you could zoom into some pictures to see the fine details closely. One amazing feature of this Instagram Mod APK is letting you zoom into pictures to get a closer view of them.

Developer settings

This app features a developer mode that lets you upscale your app’s performance in different areas and get more from the app. You can access this feature by tapping on the house icon and holding it for a long.

Open links in an external browser

By using this app, you can enjoy the option of opening any link with your browser. You might have come across a link in a user’s profile, in a feed post, or in the comment section. By clicking on these links, they will open in a browser outside the app.

Hide read in a direct message

There are times when you are too busy to respond to direct messages. Sometimes you read a message but do not have a suitable response at the moment but you are bothered that your interlocutor might be offended if you do not respond after reading their messages.

Well, this Instagram Mod APK offers a suitable solution that you will like. You can enable your direct messages to hide the read notification. Your interlocutor will not know that you have read the message until you send a response.

Clickable link in the comment

Perhaps someone shares a link in the comment section but you are unable to click on the link that will direct you to the website. With this app, links in the comment section can be clickable.

Is Instagram mod APK safe?

There have been warnings not to install applications from unknown sources.  Even when you want to install an application on your Android device outside of the Google Play store,  you will get the warning that the application is unsafe and an option to go back or continue with the installation. 

This feature has made people concerned about mod APKs. So if you’re wondering if the Instagram Mod APK is safe,  you are not alone.

Usually, Mod APKs are developed by people other than the creators of the original APK. Since the identities of the creators are not easily known,  they could be coders or people with ulterior motives.  Hackers can go as far as creating an APK with the aim of having access to people’s sensitive information. 

There have been applications that have been manipulated to get information from users. Good examples are Candy Crush Saga and Temple Run 2 which were used to infect devices and get information from users.

These modified APKs usually have an excess amount of ads that give them access to users’ information.  They also have access to mobile device details like the version of the Operating System, the serial number, and so on. 

These challenges notwithstanding, there are no complaints with the Instagram Mod APK, and users have enjoyed using it.

This app is created to remove some restrictions users are facing with the original Instagram app and not to create challenges for them. As such, careful attention has been paid to every aspect of the app. There are no threats to be afraid of with this app.

How do I install Instagram mod APK?

Installing the Instagram Mod APK is easy. Also, you cannot get this APK on Google Play Store, but it is available online. You can get the link to download it here. All you have to do is to search for the specific mode app you want to install and click on the download link.

The application will be downloaded to your device in a short time, usually a few minutes. Note that you would have to grant access to installing applications from unknown sources. Your phone may warn you that the application is not from a trusted source, but you would have to grant permission to download it all the same.

After downloading the app to your device, you will have to navigate to your file manager to access the app. Then you install it by tapping on the install tab. And you have the app running on your device.

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Do I need to root my device before I can install Instagram mod?

No. The modified versions of Instagram let you install them without having to root your device. The developers usually eliminate this step from these modded apps.

Which Instagram mod app is best to use?

The Instagram Mod APK is one of the best-modded versions of the Instagram app. It comes with many features that will interest you. This app gives you a feel of the original Instagram app but with more features that are guaranteed to make you create unique content and improve your visibility as well as followers.


How can I increase my followers on Instagram?

There are a few things you can do to increase your followers on Instagram:

1. Use popular hashtags.
2. Share interesting and engaging content.
3. Connect with other users on Instagram.
4. Promote your Instagram profile on other channels.
5. Use Instagram ads.
6. Try different tactics to see what works best for you.

The easiest way to get unlimited followers for free on Instagram is by using Instagram MOD APK.

Can you buy real followers on Instagram?

At this point, it is unclear whether or not you can buy real followers on Instagram. Some users have reported being able to do so, while others have not had any luck.

There may be fake accounts masquerading as real people to sell followers, but it is also possible that some companies offering this service are legitimate. If you do decide to purchase followers, be sure to do your research and only buy from a reputable source. Otherwise, you may end up wasting your money.

Just download Instagram MOD APK and get unlimited followers for free.

Are Instagram growth services worth it?

There is no easy answer when it comes to whether or not Instagram growth services are worth it. It depends on a variety of factors, including your budget, your goals, and the quality of the service you’re considering.

That being said, there are some pros and cons to using an Instagram growth service that is worth taking into consideration.

Final words

Instagram mod apps present users with opportunities to enjoy features that are restricted or not available in the original Instagram app. There are many of these modded versions available with many features you can explore.

Although there have been concerns about the insecurity of using mod apps, users of Instagram mod apps have recorded ease of usage without any complaint. Installing these applications is ready and straightforward. You will not find them on the Google Play store but they are available online.


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