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MOD Features: Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Diamonds, Unlimited XP
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Farming sure is fun. But it is tough to do when the scale of the land is large enough. But, in order to make things fun, we have developed the latest version of Hay Day MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds).

With our Mod, you will get Unlimited Coins and Diamonds on your game account. You will also get Unlimited Gift Cards and Vouchers.

Hay Day Mod Apk Information:

App Name Hay Day Mod Apk
Platform Android
MOD Features Unlimited Coins & Diamonds, Unlimited XP
Size 136M
Version 1.54.71
Category Casual
Root Required? No
Price Free
Get it on Download from Google Play

Hay Day MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Coins & Diamonds
  • Unlimited XP
  • Unlimited Gift Cards, Vouchers, Puzzle Pieces
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • Hay Day Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • Auto-sync with the game
  • No need to root your Android device!

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Unlimited Coins

Like any game, Hay Day uses currencies. With over 100 million downloads on Play Store, makes it is the best and most popular farming game in over 120 countries. These things being said, Hay Day is a big game. Having resources here means a lot.

Coins are the most important currency in this Android game. They are used for buying production building and decoration items.

You find all these items in the shop or a.k.a market. In other words, you have no chance to progress without coins. Items are also bought with diamonds and vouchers.

You can also use coins to unlock cool areas. You start with 350 coins and then you can obtain them in a few ways. You can buy coins with real money which is really not a good option.

These ways are not the fastest. It takes time to gather enough amount to unlock an area like the Mine, which requires 21 000 coins. Get Unlimited Coins with Hay Day MOD APK  just the same as in Brawl Stars.

Using the Hay Day Mod Apk you not only have coins to buy things but will no longer need to bother with the production costs or the prices. Unlimited Coins mean literally an unending quantity of coins currency.

Unlimited Diamonds

Now, diamonds are optional in comparison with coin currencies. Diamonds are the premium currency. It means they can be bought with real money just to help you fasten the progress of crops growing, of building products, and many more. $109.99 for only 4,000 diamonds is enormously expensive.

Diamonds can be earned on freeways tho. Buying them seems easier but who wanna spend real money on a game? Yes, you can unlock achievements.

For example, at your first 20 truck deliveries, you get 1 diamond and 3 diamonds after 2000 deliveries.  You can get only a maximum of 465 diamonds after completing all the achievements and they are a lot.

So, you can clearly see that diamonds are important and it’s not easy to get them. Therefore, avoid this time-consuming and spending real money options for a mobile game,  by downloading the free Hay Day from the bottom of the page.

This Hay Day mod APK is perfectly designed for you to enjoy this cool game at its full capacity. Now, with unlimited coins and unlimited diamonds you can create the best farm on Hay Day.

Unlimited XP

The experience points, known as XP, are mainly used to advance. You can go to the next level with XP.  So, the only way to level up is with XP.

They can be obtained through some modalities. The player can sell items to earn some points, craft items, craft crops, animal goods, and revive trees, and bushes.

You may already know these techniques. But what about seeing their maximum blue stars? Yes, level 600.  Try the Hay Day MOD Apk and get Unlimited experience points. Don’t have to fill in the truck orders anymore to gain a few points.

You can focus on becoming the best player with the most developed farm instead of wasting time collecting resources. From now on, resources are not a problem.

Unlimited Vouchers

Gift Cards Gift Cards
Vouchers Vouchers
Puzzle Pieces Puzzle Pieces

Another type of currency used in the Hay Day game is vouchers. Being unlocked only at level 20, make them significant. They are used to buy pets, and decorations, and to customize your favorite parts of your farm.

There are some ways to get voucher currencies. We can mention here filling trucks, completing boat shipments, participating in global events or derbies, and from the mystery boxes.

You get all four types of Vouchers with the Hay Day Mod Apk, from the easiest to the rarest.

Unlimited Gift Cards

Gift Cards are used only to buy mystery boxes from the Catalogue. There you can earn special products, decorations, supplies, and boosters with these gift cards. They are available from level 15.  You can help your friends to get free gift cards.

But not always it is possible to do that. So, with the Hay Day MOD apk, you don’t need to do that anymore, for you will have unlimited cards. Still, you can hold only 40 cards at once.

So, buy the most expensive mystery packages with 35 gift cards to always have the maximum number available to spend.

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Unlock all Puzzle Pieces

Even if being available since level 3, puzzle pieces are useful too. You can unlock sanctuary animals with these puzzle pieces. They can be normally found in mystery boxes, by completing special boat shipments.

Players can also get them if they spin the Wheel of Fortune which is the way to win prizes, available from level 8.

It doesn’t matter the conditions of gaining these currencies because if you download the hay day mod apk, you get plenty of them.

Never will the quantity be insufficient again! Have fun, spend unwisely, you don’t lose anything, and still become the best farmer with the best propriety and items.

About the game

This game is all about developing a clean piece of land over the days and filling it up with various kinds of plants, vegetables, and growing crops.

You get to interact with so many things which helps you to grow a small farm and transform it into making a bigger one in the end.

Slowly as the player approaches to meet the missions of the game, he or she is advanced with certain gifts from the virtual store which includes various other seeds and other equipment with the help of which you can increase the land productivity of your virtual world.

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Players Reviews
  • I’ve been playing this game for years. It’s the most balanced, non-greedy, enjoyable farming game. There’s always something to do, new events, and NO scammy “energy” mechanics. You can play for 10 minutes or 10 hours, it’s your choice. I love the game.
  • I’ve played this game on and off for years and it never disappoints; very fun and a nice time-killer. Great playing it with unlimited diamonds!

Game Features

This game provides a choice option which Hay Day depends on; which option you choose in order to make the farm grow bigger in scale and also in production. Soon you engage yourself in the virtual sale of the items.

Hay Day comes in the app stores for free and can be run without any kind of issues on any Android or iOS smartphone. The game comes in packed with various features which enable you to

  • Enlarge your farms the way you want them to be. You can easily customize the farm layout as per the player’s preferences and make the crops look bigger than ever.
  • The player can also engage themselves in trading their good with the other virtual neighbors around the part of the land provided to the player. This can provide the player with virtual money with the help of which he or she can easily make purchases for stuff which can help in increasing the farm of the player.
  • The players can easily make their orders with the help of their trucks or steamboats which cancel the transportation cost of the game and make you purchase items on the game at a much lower price.
  • What is interesting about this game is that the player has full authority over the game on how he or she would like to play the game. If the players want to fish, then the player can get ready to lay down the line of baits in order to catch the virtual fish from the pond or lake nearby. The player can also repair any kind of damage on his or her farm as and when needed.
  • As you grow with the game, you shall soon be provided with a town where you can invite the other players of the game to come and visit your farm.

Why use a Mod on Hay Day?

Already explained above are the main features this Hay Day Mod Apk has. Now, resources are needed in this farming game. Especially coins which are used for almost everything.

If you don’t wanna spend your real money on a video game, then download the mod from the bottom of the page.

If you wanna have unlimited coins, diamonds, vouchers, gift cards, and puzzle pieces, then get the hay day hack mod.

Not only that your resource will be unlimited, giving you the opportunity to expand insanely, but you will even get unlimited XP. Get the maximum blue stars level in the progress bar with this great mod.

Our Hay Day mod apk is easy to install, and downloadable by the button below. It is safe, with no bugs. It doesn’t have ads. It has no viruses, being tested numerous times so you can have the best experience in playing this upgraded game.


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