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29 July, 2022
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The development of mobile apps has aided the functions of our smartphones. While you can perform a lot of functions with your smartphones, there are times you wish you could view the screen from a larger device such as your TV, Xbox, Apple TV, and other DLNA devices, especially when your phone screen strains your eyes. 

This is now possible when you download and install the Cast to TV Chromecast Mod Apk on your mobile device. Check out this article for more information on this premium unlocked app. 

Cast to TV Chromecast MOD

Cast to TV Chromecast MOD Features:

  • Unlock Premium Account
  • Ad-Free
  • High transmission speed
  • No login
  • Quality Playback
  • No subscription required
  • 100% Safe (Anti-ban system)
  • Cast to TV Chromecast Mod APK file working on all Android versions
  • Easy to use
  • No need to root your Android device!

What is Cast to TV Chromecast Mod Apk

The growth of smartphone usage has also increased users’ desire for what they could do with their devices. Some of the many uses of smartphones are that users can stream videos, view pictures, and many more. Nevertheless, there are instances, when users desire that they have a better experience of what they are viewing. 

The Cast to TV Chromecast app is a mobile application that is developed for an enhanced user entertainment experience. Android smartphone users can now enjoy what is on their phone on a bigger screen. The app is easy to use and connects to the bigger screen, provided you have a compatible device and wifi connection. 

You can also control what you view from the larger screen through your smartphone. Unlike other similar apps, the Cast to TV Chromecast app enables you to play files of different formats. Moreover, the app does not reduce the quality of the file. However, there are some premium features of the app that you can only access through in-app purchases. 

Though the original app has more than millions of users worldwide and many see the feed for its premium features as relatively affordable, some people who wish to enjoy the features of the app are unable to pay for it. Due to this, the Cast to TV Chromecast app mod apk was developed by third parties. The premium features are now available for free on the Cast to TV Chromecast app mod apk. 

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Cast to TV Chromecast MOD APK 1

Features of the Cast to TV Chromecast app mod apk

While the original app enables you to connect your smartphone to a larger screen. You have limited features to enjoy in the app. Here are some of the features of the Cast to TV Chromecast app mod apk that you will enjoy for free. 

Unlocked premium 

Some features of the app are not available for free. Prices for all features range from $2 above. With the Cast to TV Chromecast app mod apk, all the premium features have been unlocked for you. You can enjoy everything without paying a dime. 

No ads 

When you use the original app, you will frequently experience infiltration of unsolicited ads. At times, you might have to wait for a few seconds before you continue with what you are watching. You don’t have to endure that when you download the Cast to TV Chromecast app mod apk. 


If you need subtitles for the video you are watching, the Cast to TV Chromecast Mod Apk supports both local and online subtitles. You are just a click away from getting that movie subtitled in your preferred language. 

Automatic identification 

There are instances where you won’t want to stream online. The Cast to TV Chromecast MOD APK will identify all files on your smartphone automatically. You can then directly play the file on your phone and watch it from the larger screen.  

High transmission speed

Unlike other similar apps where the speed of communication or transmission will be low between your smartphone and the connected device, the Cast to TV Chromecast mod apk is known for its high communication speed. There is no lagging between what you are playing on your phone and what is displayed on the bigger screen.

Quality playback

Apart from the immediate transmission of the media, the quality also remains the same. Except in a few cases, depending on the type of file, there is usually a quality playback with little or no latency.

Cast to TV Chromecast MOD APK 2

What you should look forward to

When you download and install the Cast to TV Chromecast app, below are some of the exciting things you can look forward to. 

View your preferred file 

All your local files will be scanned automatically once your smartphone has been connected to the larger screen. You can then select the file you want to view from the screen. Also, you can create a sequence of the file you want to view or listen to. This will make you listen and view only your preferred files. 

Make use of a bigger screen

When you download and use the Cast to TV Chromecast app mod apk, you can view your preferred contents from a bigger screen of your choice. Not only can you watch your local files, but you can also make use of other features of the app on a bigger screen. 

Varieties of the second screen 

You are not limited to watching your preferred content only on a TV or a bigger broadcast screen. The app also works with Roku, and Amazon TV, among others. All you need is to connect your device to the preferred broadcast screen through wifi. 

Use your phone as a remote 

After successful connection, the functions of the two connected devices through the Cast to TV Chromecast mod apk app differ. While the broadcast screen will be the receiver of what is being transmitted, your smartphone will serve as the controller.

You can use your phone to pause, play, and perform many other functions. Moreover, you can easily compile together what you want to play on the bigger screen.

Bigger audience 

Depending on the situation, the Cast to TV Chromecast mod apk app could help you transmit your content to a bigger audience. For instance, during a house party and you have a video that interests all your guests, you can just connect your smartphone to your TV and play the video for everybody to enjoy together. 

Users Reviews
  • If you have Rokfin, Odysse, Rumble or other specialty apps in your phone, THIS one makes it’s simple to watch their videos on your TV. You just push the “share” icon on whatever platform you’re using and look for Cast to TV’s logo- a menu of which devices to send to comes up. Pick the TV you want to watch on and different video resolution choices are shown. Choose one of those and you’ll be watching in 30 seconds. I just shared something something from my laptop >phone >TV. Amazing!
  • Installed many Cast toTV apps just to find myself later on uninstalling them.This by far has to be the best cast to TV app. So far clear image clear sound not too many buffering or brakes or disconnects which may be due to a network problem. I highly recommend this app, the rest can be thrown out.
Cast to TV Chromecast MOD APK 3

How to download and install the Cast to TV Chromecast mod apk app

Do you have an Android smartphone and you want to download this app? Here are a few simple steps you should follow. 

Uninstall the original app 

If you have installed the Cast to TV Chromecast app from the play store on your phone, you should uninstall it before you proceed to download the Cast to TV Chromecast mod apk app. 

Download the app 

The Cast to TV Chromecast MOD APK is not available on the Google play store. So, you have to click the download button below. You need a smartphone of Android version 5.0 and above for you to download the app. 

Install and enjoy 

Unlike when you download mobile apps from the Google play store, the Cast to TV Chromecast mod apk app will not install automatically on your phone. You have to grant permission for you to install apps from unknown sources. You will then search for the app and install it. After successful installation, you can open the app and begin to enjoy your view from a bigger screen. 

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Cast to TV Chromecast MOD APK 4

How to use the Cast to TV Chromecast MOD APK

Here are the few steps involved when you want to use the Cast to TV Chromecast mod apk to connect your phone to a bigger screen.

Connect to the Wi-Fi

The truth is that the app needs a Wi-Fi connection for it to function effectively. The first thing you will do is to connect your phone and the second broadcast screen to the same Wi-Fi.

Do the necessary adjustment

Once the two devices have been successfully connected to the Wi-Fi, the next thing you will do is to adjust the settings of the TV. All you need to do is to enable wireless or miracast display of the TV.

Choose the TV

The next thing after the setting is to pick up your smartphone and open the app. You then choose and connect to the TV from the app. In a situation where you are unable to connect to the TV, you should check if the TV is connected to the Wi-Fi or reboot the Wi-Fi.

You can also check if the TV is compatible with the app. Smart TVs with DNLA such as Samsung, Sony, Hisense, and others work with the app. The app also works with Xbox, Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV.

Play and enjoy

The TV will display your current phone’s screen once the connection has been successful. You can then select any of the local files from your smartphone that you want to cast or stream online.


Can you still cast to Chromecast with Google TV?

Yes, you can still cast to Chromecast with Google TV. However, you may need to use a different method than you did before. For example, if you’re trying to cast from your phone, you might need to open the Google Home app and use the “Cast Screen/Audio” button. Alternatively, you may be able to use the Chromecast built-in functionality in some apps.

How do I cast my TV to Chromecast?

If you have a Chromecast, you can use it to cast your TV’s signal to another device. To do this, you’ll need to connect your Chromecast to your TV and then select the “Cast” option from the Chromecast menu.

Once you’ve done this, your TV’s signal will be sent to the Chromecast, which will then cast it to the other device.

Why can’t I cast my phone to my TV with Chromecast?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to cast your phone to your TV with Chromecast. First, make sure that your phone and Chromecast are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If they are, then check to see if your phone’s screen mirroring feature is turned on.

Finally, try restarting both your phone and Chromecast. If none of these solutions work, then it’s possible that your phone and TV are not compatible with each other for screen mirroring.


You don’t have to get annoyed again when your phone’s screen is small and you cannot afford the in-app premium features subscription of the casting apps. The Cast to TV Chromecast Mod Apk is available with the unlocked features of the original app. Download the app and enjoy the premium features for free. 


What's new

- Simplified screencasting process.
- Support IPTV Cast.
- New homepage and better UI!
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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