Which country made PUBG New State?

PUBG New State is an interesting game that you can play online or download on your mobile to play better. This game is also known as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. If you are a gamer, then you must have played this game because it’s one of the best games for playing in your free time. Millions of players around the world are playing this game on their mobile and PC. But what you probably don’t know is that it owes its success to China, South Korea, and Japan.

PUBG New State has revolutionized the gaming world with its amazing graphics, sound effects, and magnificent gameplay. This game includes both single-player mode and multiplayer mode where you can play against 99 other players from all across the globe. In September 2017, PUBG New State was made available on iOS as well as Android for free by Tencent Games in China as a testing ground or beta version to check how it works on those devices. In December 2017 the Chinese version was officially launched just before Christmas which brought joy to millions of gamers around the world who were waiting eagerly since the launch of the original version in March 2017. Tencent Games is one of the most famous gaming companies around the world and is a subsidiary company of Tencent which was founded back in 1998.

PUBG New State has been developed by two South Korean games, Bluehole Studio and Epic Games. It was first released on Steam back In April 2017. In December 2017, PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary company of Bluehole Studio made an agreement with Microsoft to bring the game exclusively to Xbox One being a console exclusive for them also partnering with them for any future merchandising plans associated with it. It’s still not available on Sony PlayStation 4 but will be available soon according to sources from Epic Games. On September 12th, 2018, Fortnite, a game by Epic Games received an update and some content from PUBG was added to it.

The success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is not just because of its graphics and gameplay it owes the most to China, South Korea, and Japan where everyone loves playing games on their mobile phones or PCs. The majority of gamers in these countries play on mobile devices than on consoles which have made 65% of the players choose to play this game on their mobile device rather than PC or console according to studies conducted in South Korea and China.

PUBG New State was released for Android and iOS only in China initially but later spread out all over the world with more than 30 million daily active users (DAUs) spending more than 120 minutes daily on it. It was released in its full version in March 2018 for $29.99.

PUBG New State is currently the third highest-selling game of all time after Minecraft and Tetris which were launched back in the 1980s and 1990s respectively, and within less than a year has sold more than 50 million copies and still counting while earning over $100 Million per month from micro-transactions alone making it one of the best games to ever exist since 2000s.

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