Is there an end to Hill Climb Racing?

I have often wondered if there was an ending to Hill Climb Racing. If you are wondering what this game is I suggest you to download the game from this link:

Now, back to my original question: Is there an end to Hill Climb Racing? If you play the game for a long time and you still seem like you aren’t progressing then yes, it seems as though there is no end. However, if you read this article until the end I will not only tell you that there is an ending but also how to find it (maybe).

When I first started playing Hill Climb Racing  (the classic version) I was very young and trying to unlock all of the vehicles for my grandfather. At this point in time, we both believed there was no end because we were progressing with every race we had played. After some time passed I asked my grandfather if he was close to winning. He said that he tried several times to do so but never succeeded. I told him the only way I thought he could win is if you go back towards the finish line. This would be a faster way downhill because gravity will speed up your car without having to make any effort. Once this idea got through to him he went back and won, thus ending Hill Climb Racing.

My conclusion is that there is an end but it is harder than just trying over and over again to win the race by driving forward or using boosts.

I hope this article helped answer some questions you had about the game.

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