How do you always win in Mini Militia?

How do you always win in Mini Militia? This is a question asked by many players around the world, it can be frustrating to lose all battles even against newer players. So here are some Mini Militia android game tips that will help advance your gameplay tremendously!

First I would like to acknowledge that advanced strategy along with skill is required to master any online multi-player game, not just Mini Militia game tips.

I will lay out some basics and then go more in-depth on some of these android mini militia tips that will advance your android play immensely.

Finding a good server is key to winning android games! You can jump right into free for all or team battles, but you will find yourself always losing, this is due to bad connections. Try finding a quiet high-speed wifi network for some serious play. Of course, if you are playing someone far away make sure they aren’t using one of the VPN apps to get a better internet connection than everyone else!

A great tip I can give while playing android games is to use the android tablet. It has two joysticks and larger buttons that allow you to touch anywhere on the screen to fight, so you never miss a shot! Use this android tablet setup when you find yourself constantly missing moving targets.

You should always choose the mini militia soldier with the best damage per second (DPS). So it comes down to either choosing Tracer or Scarface, who both have a higher DPS compared to other soldiers in Mini Militia. Choose one that matches your play style because they both have their advantages.

Now I will discuss some more android mini militia android tips that will allow you to control the battlefield! Communication is a key to success.  Don’t be afraid to say what weapon you have, which one you want, or where you are moving on the map!  This tip allows them to help out their comrades with better weapons. Also, I find it helpful with most multiplayer games to pay attention to who is talking.

Try not to move too fast in games with snipers because they can easily take you down from a distance if they know what they are doing! If every player would stop running around with guns blazing all would be a lot easier.  I usually try running and hiding in elevated areas and waiting for enemies to get closer. Another android tip is to always aim before shooting, don’t waste your time on the run!

If you want to be more advanced at android multi-player games or Mini Militia it’s best not to start off with an automatic weapon. They have endless ammo but less damage per second (DPS) compared to other weapons such as sniper rifles, shotguns, and bows. Try using an android phone once you have some experience under your belt because most players still use automatic weapons when they start.

Overall if you use these Mini Militia android game tips they will help increase your chances of winning! Just don’t expect to win every game, because there are always better players than you out there. I hope my Mini Militia android game tips were helpful and that it increases your odds of winning future battles!

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